Office of Faith Formation (Religious Education)

The Office of Faith Formation is located in Saint Thomas Catholic Academy. The Religious Education of our children is coordinated by the Office of Faith Formation.

Children & Adolescent Faith Formation

Once known as Catechism, or CCD we are formed in our faith from three places:

  • The Home of our Parents/Grandparents/Family.

  • Formal Weekly Religion Class.

  • Weekly attendance at Church.

All school-aged children must be registered and participate in our parish program while they attend the coordinating grade in Public or other (non-Catholic) Private Schools.

For more particular questions pertaining to individual situations, or for all special needs children, please contact the Office of Faith Formation.

Adult Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a lifelong process. As individuals grow in faith, together with their parish community, celebrating God's presence should be habitual. Opportunities for adults to seek, inquire and grow in knowledge of their faith present themselves at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church throughout the year. Please visit the Faith Formation website, parish bulletin, and calendar for more details and information.