Saint Thomas the Apostle

Catholic Baptism of Children

Catholic parents wishing to have their child baptized as a Roman Catholic are asked to contact the Parish Office during business hours.

We are grateful that parents interested in the faith life of their child would seek information on our faith community and the Roman Catholic Church.

We humbly hope to assist all those responsible for a child to not only choose faith, but live that faith to the fullest. Our every effort is to help Catholic parents respond to the requirements of Baptism by considering the promises they will be making for their child/children. Our hope is that those to be baptized will practice our faith with us so as to fulfill the promises made at Baptism.

Baptism of Children up to age 6, can be arranged in the Parish office by calling the office at 718-847-1353.

Los padres católicos que deseen bautizar a sus hijos como católicos romanos deben comunicarse con la Oficina Parroquial durante el horario comercial.

Estamos agradecidos de que los padres interesados ​​en la vida de fe de sus hijos busquen información sobre nuestra comunidad de fe y la Iglesia Católica Romana.

Humildemente esperamos ayudar a todos los responsables de un niño a no solo elegir la fe, sino también a vivir esa fe al máximo. Nuestro mayor esfuerzo es ayudar a los padres católicos a responder a los requisitos del Bautismo considerando las promesas que harán para sus hijos. Nuestra esperanza es que aquellos que se bauticen practiquen nuestra fe con nosotros para cumplir las promesas hechas en el bautismo.

Bautismo de niños hasta los 6 años, se puede organizar en la oficina de la parroquia llamando a la oficina al 718-847-1353.

Baptism of School-Aged Children

Once a child reaches the age of seven, it is no longer possible to baptize the child in the same way that infants are baptized. Since older children are able to reason, the preparation of these children is different than that of infants and their parents.

Catholic parent(s) wishing to have their older child baptized as a Roman Catholic are asked to contact Ms. Natalia Parra at the Office of Faith Formation or the Parish Office.

Children attending Saint Thomas Catholic Academy should contact the Office of Faith Formation which is located within the School building.

Baptism of Adults

For those over 18 years old seeking Baptism involves a process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, (RCIA for short)

Those interested in this on-going process of education and discernment of God's will are asked to contact Ms. Natalia Parra at the Faith Formation Office.

Normally this program develops over two or more years to, not only "make someone Catholic" but to have a person accept and live our faith as Roman Catholic Christians.