Baptism at Saint Thomas

Baptism of Children
Catholic parents wishing to have their child baptized as a Roman Catholic are asked to contact the Parish Office during business hours.
We are grateful that parents interested in the faith life of their child would seek information on our faith community and the Roman Catholic Church.  We humbly hope to assist all those responsible for a child to not only choose faith, but live that faith to the fullest. 
Our every effort is to help Catholic parents respond to the requirements of Baptism by considering the promises they will be making for their child/children.  Our hope is that those to be baptized will practice our faith with us so as to fulfill the promises made at Baptism. 
The general procedure for baptizing a child is as follows:
Initial Inquiry:
  • Parents calling the Parish Office will be asked for preliminary information by a member of the Parish Office Staff and enrolled for the next available information session.   
  • Those living in other parish communities, not registered at Saint Thomas will be asked to provide a letter of permission from the parish where they usually attend Mass.
  • All those completing this initial step will be contacted by a parish priest/deacon shortly thereafter to enroll in our Baptism Preparation Program.  
  • In some cases, especially if parents are out of state, this interview can occur over the phone with proper verification and permissions.
Please note that enrollment in the Baptism Preparation program is not the same as Registering as a parishioner.   For information on Parish Registration please click here.

Please download our Baptism Brochure for more information.

Information Session:
  • Please bring the baby's birth certificate to this meeting so that a copy will be placed on file.
  • Please consider who will serve as your child's godparents.  For assistance on who can serve as godparents please click here.
  • The choice of Godparents will be discussed and the necessary forms complete in time for the assigned class.
  • During this meeting the priest/deacon will schedule an individual follow-up appointment.
  • The date of the preparation class and the date baptism will be discussed at this follow-up meeting.  
  • For those not registered or not participating in weekly Mass, every effort will be made to encourage parents to live the faith they are promising for their child.
  • Any individual concerns or situations should be discussed at this time.  Most especially in cases where one of the parents are of another religion.  Ultimately, both parents should agree that the child being baptized will be raised in the Roman Catholic Faith.
 Baptism Class:
  • On the Wednesday prior to the scheduled baptism, one class is held for parents in Saint Thomas the Apostle School - 87-49 87th Street.  Only those enrolled in class through a meeting with a parish priest/deacon attend.   
  • All documents for the upcoming baptism are due.
  • Parents are prepared for the celebration. 
The Celebration of Baptism:
  • Baptism is celebrated for those enrolled in our Preparation Program
  • Baptism is celebrated the First Sunday of the Month in English, and the Second Sunday in Spanish.  Depending on major Church Holidays, the schedule may change, please consult the Parish Office.
  • Out of courtesy for all involved, please arrive 1/2 hour BEFORE the celebration begins.
  • If your plans change, please have the courtesy to contact the Parish Office - BEFORE the celebration.
  • Baptism begins promptly at 2:00 PM.  
  • Once the Ritual begins late-comers can not be accommodated.
  • Since Baptism is celebrated each month unreasonable lateness will result in having the Baptism postponed until the next scheduled celebration.

Please Note:

  • As always, those not able to keep a scheduled appointment, attend class or who have chosen another parish for Baptism are asked to respectfully contact the Parish Office during business hours.
  • Since Baptisms are celebrated two times monthly, failure to supply the proper information in a timely fashion will result in the baptism being postponed to another later date. 

Baptism of School-aged Children
Once a child reaches the age of seven, it is no longer possible to baptize the child in the same way that infants are baptized.  Since older children are able to reason, the preparation of these children is different than that of infants and their parents.
Catholic parent(s) wishing to have their older child baptized as a Roman Catholic are asked to contact the Office of Faith Formation or the Parish Office.
Children attending Saint Thomas School should contact the Office of Faith Formation which is located within Saint Thomas School.
Baptism of Adults 
For those over 18 years old seeking Baptism involves a process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, (RCIA for short)
Those interested in this on-going process of education and discernment of God's will are asked to contact Deacon Jose Contreras at the Parish Office.
Normally this program develops over one or more years to, not only "make someone Catholic" but to have a person accept and live our faith as Roman Catholic Christians.