Still MORE points regarding upcoming extraordinary expenses....

posted Aug 26, 2010, 12:17 PM by STA Woodhaven   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 3:16 PM by STAWoodhaven Webmaster ]
Taking advantage of my time away, please allow me to share some of the work being considered on our Church.  Although our buildings, with the exception of Mulz Hall, are in good shape compared to most parishes, our Church is in need of exterior repairs and some interior upgrades.
Last week I ended my words by asking for your prayers.  Our Church is a place of prayer.  Built to express the Glory of God – it helps us to physically understand the grandeur of God and our hopes for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Shouldn’t it be that our parish Church correctly reflect the very best we have to offer God?
As you enter and leave Church today, please take the time to look around.  In the front vestibule, water damage from past storms needs to be corrected, as does the plaster over the single door closest to 88th Avenue.  The exterior of the Church is being examined so that we may ensure that no water enters the Church through the roof, windows or walls.  As you can, see the plaster surfaces of the walls are chipped and cracked in some places.    What cannot be seen is that the electrical systems of the Church are all over 80 years old and in need of upgrading and repair so that they are in compliance with building codes.  With this work complete, improved lighting and sound systems can help us see and hear the beauty of God revealed each week at Mass.
Any work within a Church usually causes concern among parishioners, and even non-parishioners.  Many parishioners have recalled their concerns over the last renovation which disappointed a great many people.  Quite simply, I would hope to add an accessible bathroom and return the Church, wherever possible, to its former glory.  Many have commented to me that an accessible bathroom in the vestibule would be a much needed improvement – and would help with ending the seemingly endless stream of people walking past the Tabernacle each Sunday.  Even more people have expressed enthusiasm at seeing our beautiful Church become even more beautiful. 
With the help of paint conservationists, every attempt will be made to recover some of the details lost over the years.  Over the next few weeks, paint will be removed in certain locations to assess the feasibility of cleaning, repairing or repainting the Sanctuary and parts of the Church. 
In short, our goal will be to express the timelessness of God by the environment entrusted to us in our Church.  Please know that there will be no surprises – all the work to be done will be revealed and presented in the months ahead.  With your help, this enormous task will bear witness to the goodness of God expressed for over 100 years by God’s people here at Saint Thomas the Apostle.    

Please join me in looking forward to all that is to be revealed.