Some Points of Interest from the Pastor....even while He's away on Vacation!

posted Aug 26, 2010, 12:10 PM by STA Woodhaven   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 3:15 PM by STAWoodhaven Webmaster ]
Although I’m happily taking some time away from Woodhaven, as I’ve said before, the work, life and responsibilities that accompany a parish the size of Saint Thomas continue.  I am grateful to all those who support our works weekly, especially those on a fixed income who continue to support their parish faithfully.  Indeed we are grateful to all whose sacrifice of time, talent and treasure help to keep our parish vibrant. 
I’m sure for most readers, last weeks points of interest should have caused at least some concern over the enormous task ahead.  All parishioners should note that the emergency repairs on the gym and preventative exterior repairs on the Church are needed so that the buildings which house our prayer and programs continue to serve us.   The interior repairs and upgrades on the Church, and the addition of an accessible bathroom in the front vestibule are all much needed changes.  Please note that every effort will be made to highlight and restore our Church to the beauty and glory God deserves within our budget limitations.  As you have hopefully seen, it is my intention to keep our parish abreast of the work needed and encourage as much participation as possible.  Ultimately, I’d hope to invite all those who consider Saint Thomas their parish to support us in this great undertaking.  
Since there is a great deal of work that must be done with limited resources I can promise that every effort will be made to encourage our entire parish to be responsible in great and small ways.  Note that every effort will be made to make parish membership actually mean something.
It has already been the custom that families whose children attend Saint Thomas School and support our parish weekly by their presence at Mass, and in the weekly offertory receive a lower rate of tuition in recognition of their part in covering parish expenses.  Children and families in our Faith Formation program register in our parish, and as the year begins will be reminded to once again support our parish by attending Mass weekly, and by sacrificing their own wants to support our weekly expenses through weekly envelopes.  All the groups that utilize our meeting space, especially if their members are not registered parishioners, will also be asked to contribute.  Lastly, those participating in the Sports Program/Recreation will be paying an additional fee, if they are not already registered and supporting our parish weekly. 
Ultimately, sharing these responsibilities evenly and more equally will allow us to assist those in need, while meeting our obligations as a community of faith.  In the early fall, the Capital Campaign to support these works will be revealed.  Begin praying now for its success. 

Please join us in doing great things for God at Saint Thomas the Apostle.