Some points of interest....from the Pastor

posted Aug 9, 2010, 1:34 PM by STA Woodhaven   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 3:12 PM by STAWoodhaven Webmaster ]

Please allow me to thank all those whose generous assistance help us throughout the year to cover our numerous obligations as a Parish.   Just this past week, I received a note and a yearly donation from a parishioner who is not able to come to Mass weekly.  She is one of a few parishioners who continue to support Saint Thomas despite their limitations.  Can you imagine that even those who are unable to leave their home –still remember their obligation to participate with us?  How blessed we are by those whose generosity throughout the ages, have helped to establish and care for our parish for these 100 years. 

In fairness to those who faithfully support Saint Thomas, please note that I will make every effort to encourage all who call Saint Thomas their parish, to support us in our many endeavors.  As a matter of justice, each of us are called to offer our time, treasure and talents to build up God’s Kingdom here in Woodhaven.  Our time, not only at Mass, but in prayer, and in support of parish events will be made more complete by the diversity of our gifts and talents.  Most certainly, money helps us accomplish the tasks at hand.  With the help of our entire parish community, -its time, talents and treasure – could you imagine the great things just waiting to be done? 

Hopefully you are all aware of our attempts to encourage Mass attendance and faithfulness to Catholic Church traditions and customs.   This has all been done with an eye toward the future. 

Take for example the numerous people seeking to baptize their children at Saint Thomas.  If we don’t make every effort to foster their participation in our faith community, we are not only failing to celebrate and understand baptism properly, but failing to consider our future as well.  Without an understanding of being transformed by baptism; by helping the baptized child actually live our faith, -- our future is seriously in doubt.  Unfortunately, all that will be left are those who are baptized, but have no idea of the faith promised for them by their parents and godparents at Baptism.  

Please help me and the Parish Staff,  by your prayers and participation, in the task of helping our faith community to grow in the knowledge of what we believe.  This knowledge will ensure our future as a Parish and the continued good works we do in the service of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.