Some points of interest… from the Pastor

posted Jun 13, 2010, 9:05 AM by STA Woodhaven   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 3:10 PM by STAWoodhaven Webmaster ]

This weekend at the Saturday evening Mass, the members of Saint Thomas the Apostle School’s 8th Grade Class will be praying with us as part of celebrating the events which will begin their Graduation Exercises.   These events provide us an opportunity to celebrate the many sacrifices which have accompanied the passing of time.  Numerous sacrifices, not only of the students themselves, but of parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, as well as the good people of Saint Thomas Church have made these days possible.  We are blessed by all that Saint Thomas the Apostle School has offered our young people.  Not only the required subjects, but the true lessons of our faith have been witnessed daily.  It is only fitting that these sacrifices be celebrated in the context of the Sacrifice offered at Mass.  How truly blessed we are to have a Catholic School witnessing our faith and preparing young people for the years ahead.   

As you’ve heard me say before, this Graduation Mass does not signify a Graduation from Church.  Where did parents, or students for that matter, ever think that Church is not still required after we go to High School?  On the contrary, the stresses of growing into adulthood require knowing that God is present, not only in our individual prayers, but in the community of faith which is known to us as Saint Thomas the Apostle.  

I would hope that graduating onto the next level of academics would inspire our young people to consider their own participation in our Church and Parish.  My greatest hope is that as we look to the years ahead, we will actually KNOW the students whose High Schools send us letters marking their accomplishments.  How sad that many of the promising young people of our parish graduating in years past are only a memory.  How hopeful I am that those graduating this week will continue to enliven our Parish Community by their participation and faithfulness. 

Members of this Class - indeed all young people are invited to get involved -  Altar Servers, Ushers, Junior Lectors, Teaching Assistants for Faith Formation are only a  small part of the opportunities yet to be discovered.  We have been blessed to have you as part of our Parish Community ~ please consider how you will continue in a place that has become so familiar.        

With best wishes to all who have marked academic achievements this month and in the months ahead. 

May your sacrifices enrich our world and Church.