Mission Sunday - The Missions are far and near!

posted Jul 30, 2010, 12:01 PM by STA Woodhaven   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 3:11 PM by STAWoodhaven Webmaster ]

Formally each year, every parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn participates in an appeal for the Missions conducted by the Office of the Propagation of the Faith.  Last weekend at all the Masses, a representative from the Sisters of Saint Martha spoke after Communion.  Sister spoke in the name of the numerous communities throughout the world who benefit from the generous support of the Missionary work of Catholics throughout the world.  Please allow me to express my gratitude for your generous support of the Missionary work of our Diocese and Parish.

Sister also represented, those who, for generations have selflessly given up their own comforts to help spread the Gospel message throughout the world.  Many men and women have responded to the call of Jesus to spread the Gospel by not only providing for the temporal needs of others but by fostering their awareness of God’s presence in their lives. 

Couldn’t it also be said that in some ways, the Missions are right here in our own backyard? 

My experience has been that although we have many ‘things’, each day I encounter countless people who are so in need of the truths of the Gospel.  You can not even imagine, just in one day, the great need for those who teach as Jesus taught.  As we consider the Missionary work of the Church, please join me in prayer and action to help clarify the Gospel message with peace, justice and joy.   

As I’ve said numerous times before, please take this time to consider how you may be able to assist us – as we consider our rich past, celebrate in the present and look forward with joy to the future.   

Fr. Frank Tumino